Review Policy

At the moment the books I review are advanced-copies from NetGalley.  I may also review books that I have bought or that are gifts.  Each review indicates the source of the book, and also the format.  All books from NetGalley are in ebooks formats.

I am happy to receive review requests.  I often have several books in the queue to be reviewed, and a job which demands extremely variable hours at short notice, so please bear this in mind when you send your request.  It may be some weeks before I can get to your book.  To send me a review request, contact me through Twitter.  To consider a review request I will need the following information: a synopsis of the book, a short biography of the author, the format in which the book will be supplied, and when you need the book reviewed by.  I will let you know whether I am able to review your book, and how soon I think I will be able to read and review your book.  Assuming, that you and I are both happy for me to go ahead, I will be delighted to review your book.

I believe in honest reviews, no matter what the source of the book.  Reviews written to please a particular individual, group, or organisation undermine the very purpose of reviews, so all my reviews are honest accounts of my reactions to the books that I read.

My rating system is based on a figure out of five.  A five-star system is a well understood rating system.  The higher the number, the more I liked it.  One out of five means I struggled to find something I liked about the book.  Three out of five indicates that I liked the book. Five out of five means I thought the book was truly incredible, and I probably suffered deep post-book blues when I got to the end of the book and the story was over.

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews, and I hope to hear about the books that you love too.