Three bookish ways to celebrate #NationalTequilaDay

Who knew National Tequila Day was even a thing? Tequila is somewhat of a ‘marmite’ drink; you either love it or you hate it. So, here are some ways to celebrate the day in bookish style, while drinking something that doesn’t make your face contort like you’re chewing a wasp:

1. Read a book that has punch.

flaming-shot-2325290_1920Ashlee Renz-Hotz, over on, has compiled a list of books that she says are like shots of tequila. She says “Like a sip of the golden fire, some of these books will make you feel invincible. They will stoke the flames of inspiration and imagination. Some of them will open you like a window and let it all hang out. Others will flash some skin. Others will make you weepy — with a whopping hangover after.”


2. Read a book with tequila in the title

tequila-bottle-1353391_1920Shot of Tequila by J.A. Konwrath, from the Jaqueline “Jack” Daniels Mysteries series proclaims itself to be “a gutsy robbery” and “a perfect frame” create the perfect “red hot recipe for rampaging revenge”. “Edge-of-your-seat suspense, non-stop action, and dark humor punctuate this heist novel/fugitive-on-the-run thriller.” Not sure if it’s your kind of book? Take a look at the Goodreads reviews before you commit any money (although, at the time of writing, this title is available on the Kindle store as an Unlimited title).*

3. Enjoy literary puns as you mix cocktails.

margarita-415360_1920Tequila Mockingbird is a cocktail recipe book with a literary twist. It boasts 65 drink recipes, so there’s bound to be one that will make a suitable accompaniment your current read.*


However you choose to celebrate National Tequila Day, remember to drink and read responsibly.

Now, with the smell of all this tequila-talk making me queasy, I’m off to look for a national rum day…


*Disclaimer: I haven’t read either of these titles and therefore cannot vouch for them.


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