This morning’s email from HarperCollinsUK

This little email landed in my inbox this morning from HarperCollinsUK.

I reviewed Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman a couple of months ago, and loved it. It reminded me both of our natural suspicion of seemingly selfless acts of kindness, and our equal delight and renewed faith in humanity when we discover that the act of kindness was truly selfless. I love that HarperCollinsUK have created a hashtag to inspire us to make someone’s day a little better with an act of kindness. Perhaps if we can make these little acts a habit, we will learn not only to treat each other a little better, but to also be a little less suspicious of kindness when it comes our way.

For my #SmallActsofOliphant, I have given the old TV sat in the garage, awaiting the moment I could be bothered to take it to a charity shop, to my next door neighbour. At first she was worried about how much money I would want for it, but once I explained that it had been given to me for free when I got it so didn’t feel that it was right to accept any money for it – I just wanted it to go to a good home – she was very happy.

What will your #SmallActsofOliphant be?


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