March 2017 Reads

It has been a long time since I’ve done this, so this post is more than overdue. I started my degree, started another course at the same time, finished up the play I was working on, and then got completely swamped by Christmas and the New Year, my Brother’s wedding… Needless to say, life got a little busy, and in keeping on top of the essential stuff, I let my blog slide a little. It started as a mini-postponement as I found my reading time was being squeezed out, and then I was simply out of the routine and found it hard to know how to dive back in, even though it has been constantly on my mind!

2017 has, so far, been mostly made up of audiobooks. I love audiobooks for their convenience, and their ability to accompany me while I do other things: garden, commute, do the housework, cook, etc.

51wrzhapctl-_sl300_Andrew Marr’s A History of the World has been fascinating. He covers parts of history that I never knew existed, as well as taking well-known parts of history and showing their repercussions into the future. In the introduction, he estimates that he has compiled this history of the world from around 2,000 books – amazing!


51wrxcvfhvl-_sl300_On the theme of human history, I have just begun listening to Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. So far, extremely intrigued! You don’t need to look far online to find a lot of praise for this book. I’m looking forward to following it with his sequel, Homo Deus, which was released in paperback a little over a week ago.


51fgyclm1gl-_sl300_Also on my ‘to listen’ list is The Stand by Stephen King. It has long been one of my favourite of the King novels. It is a lengthy book but packed full of action. A great post-apocalyptic novel. Just don’t listen to it on the tube – you’ll get freaked out when the person next to you starts coughing…


51v-zdqvwll-_sl300_My most recent Audible download has been Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection with an introduction written and narration by Stephen Fry. That I could download this 71-hour, £69.99 audiobook for one monthly credit was hugely exciting and makes it my guilty pleasure for the month.




2 thoughts on “March 2017 Reads

    • Hi Judith, thank you for stopping by and saying hi! I strongly recommend The Stand – it is an epic, and how it is not a blockbuster movie yet, I don’t know. In the introduction to the most recent edition, Stephen King says it isn’t his favourite of his novels but is the one that most people want to talk to him about when he does public appearances. I haven’t yet read 11.22.63, but will be adding it to the ever-growing TBR list! Thanks for the suggestion – your review of it is great!

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