Book review: April and May by Beth Elliott

31687444April and May by Beth Elliott
Publication date:
 25 August 2016
Genre:   Historical, Romance
Length:  200 pages
Published by:  Endeavour Press
Available at:

My Rating: 4 out of 5


Love knows no limits…

When they met in London in 1799, Rose Charteris and Tom Hawkesleigh fell instantly in love.

But disapproving families and misunderstandings came between them, and the romance was over as quickly as it started.

Five years later, Tom is working for the Turkish ambassador in Constantinople and he runs into Rose once again when they cross paths in the ambassador’s quarters.

Now a widow, and a fiercely independent woman, circumstances mean that Rose has no choice but to work with Tom on a top secret and dangerous document for the Sultan.

Work in Constantinople becomes increasingly perilous, with spies from all sides desperate to find out what is planned.

Even back in London, danger is not far away.

Rose also has the burden of finding her place in high Georgian society, as well as trying to decide between the increasing charms of both Tom and ambassador Kerim Pasha.

Will Rose be able to evade the increasing threat to her well-being that her work has led to?

And will she succumb to her desires and give Tom back her heart?

Spanning the magical lands of Constantinople and the traditional streets of London, April and May is a heart-warming tale of a love that knows no boundaries.

My Thoughts:

I downloaded a kindle edition of this book using my KindleUnlimited subscription.

I don’t normally read romance novels, but when the Endeavour Press newsletter landed in my inbox, and I saw the cover art, I immediately clicked the link to the Kindle store.  Yup, I was totally suckered in by the book cover, despite a lifetime of the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” being seared into my brain.

I’m so glad I did.  Whilst this is a romance novel, it’s also a political thriller, albeit told from the point of view of someone whose only connection to political circles is being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Crucially, for me, the romance aspects of the plot are in no way overly sentimental, and entirely relatable.

The point of view switches between the two main characters, Rose and Tom, which lets the reader in on the misapprehensions of each of them.  How easy it is to assume the worst when you only hold half the story.

Events unfold at a page-turning pace, and I couldn’t wait for the next moment I could pick up my Kindle to read more.  After finishing the book, I was left with end-of-book-blues.  Happily, Endeavour Press has more titles in their Regency Romance series, and Beth Elliot also has other Regency era romance titles.  I think they will become my new choice for holiday reads.

April and May is an effortless and engaging read that would make a great holiday, weekend or commute/lunch-break read.




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