May 2016 Reads

May has been a disjointed month, and so I have not been able to get in as much reading time as I would have liked.

cover75680-mediumFirst, a week away visiting my partner’s family, which was lovely and relaxing.  Lots of food, and a little sunshine.  I took an advance copy of Rob Ewing’s ‘The Last of Us’ with me.  Wow.  I loved this book.  You can read my review of it here.



26144670Then, after a conversation with my partner about having another string to one’s bow (I work in Theatre, and often feel as though I don’t know how to do anything else), he found me a copy of ‘Starting Out With Python’ by Tony Gaddis.  I’ve been working my way through it, and it turns out that coding is actually kind of fun!  The book is very well structured, taking you through the basics and slowly building upon them at a pace that allows you to fully understand what you are doing before moving onto the next step.

The rest of the month has been consumed with staging a new musical at a performing arts academy.  Fit-up and tech week (bringing all the equipment and set into the theatre, setting it up, and programming it to do all the things required for the show) ate up almost all the hours in the day for the last couple of weeks.  Nevertheless, I have managed to start another book.

26150770So now I am contemplating the ultimate question (for which Douglas Adams fans will know the answer is “42”) with the help of an advance copy of ‘The Big Picture’ by Sean Carroll.  This is a 480-page beast, so I’m anticipating that it will take me a couple of weeks to read.  Still, as someone who has an interest in reading popular science books, especially those on the mind-bending concepts of quantum physics, I am looking forward to exploring Sean Carroll’s ideas and philosophies.

Next month sees me start another theatre production, so I’m fulling expecting my reading time to contract for a few weeks.  On the plus side, I will be part of bringing another storytelling experience to life.

In April I read an advance copy of ‘My Name is Leon’ by Kit de Waal.  It will be published on 2nd June, and my review of it will be posted the same day.

What have you read this month?


3 thoughts on “May 2016 Reads

  1. thanks for your really kind review of The Last of Us! Hugely appreciated. (very perceptive as well – interesting you picked up on the civility between the children – they were even more so in the initial draft until I realised that the tension would be improved with a bit more conflict.)

    Thanks again!



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